Chaozhou awarded as “The Porcelain Capital of China” is situated in eastern Guangdong province. The Great Wall Group Co., Ltd. was established in early 1996, specializing in the study, development, manufacture and management of various types of hi-tech porcelain products. It is not only one of the biggest porcelain manufacturers in China, but also one of the first companies that have been granted self-management import-export rights.
  Since it was founded, The Great Wall Group has grown steadily. Thanks to its passionate team, backed by modern machinery and advanced equipment in its state-of-the-art scientific research labs and production lines, the company has been recognized by the ISO9002 International Quality System. It continually strives to improve its production, R&D, and sales capabilities, competing with only itself.
  In order to create a harmonious blend between traditional craftwork and modern technology, the company has incorporated contemporary styles into a timeless art form. Among its core values lies the motto “Three United and One Independent”; united in design, united in quality inspection, and united in sales to achieve an Independent Performance.
  The Group has been honored as a star enterprise of its district and city for successive years.
  Good quality and innovative products play an active role in evermore competitive international markets. In order to excel in such an environment, it is important for an enterprise to be able to rely on professional personnel to stay ahead of companies in the same trade time and time again. It is our artisans and employees who represent the true capital on which the company will continue to rapidly grow.
  Thanks to its heavy investments in the fields of product development and design, the company has managed to design a range of more than 10,000 different types of porcelain wares. Its complete inventory is matched by no other manufacturer in the industry.
  The Great Wall’s management mantra is, “Quality brings life to an enterprise and Reputation is the basic foothold on which it survives”, and has allowed the Group to flourish over a long period of time. Offering high grade materials, high quality processes, and myriad styles to choose from, its products have sold well in 68 countries and regions around Europe, the Americas and Asia.To cope with the turbulent waves the world economy now, the company is focusing its efforts on internationalization (our representatives will be happy to assist you in 8 languages), further production modernization, and overseas foundations. We warmly welcome customers, scientific research institutions, and porcelain connoisseurs at home and abroad to build with us hand in hand a ‘New Great Wall’ into the future!